Billy Komahcheet

Billy Komahcheet, an enrolled member of the Comanche Nation and leader in the Native American Church, is a senior policy advisor with MRGB Consulting, LLC for Native American/Alaskan Native policy. Mr. Komahcheet’s experience in Native American advocacy at the federal and state levels spans more than 30 years with strong ties to key legislative offices. 

Our team

​MRGB Consulting, LLC (MRGB) provides policy development, strategic planning, legislative consultation and advocacy services at all levels of government with a focus on Nation to Nation relations, Tribal Housing, Energy, Appropriations, Environment, Aerospace, Tribal Sovereignty, and Defense. MRGB offers experienced insight into the political thinking of Congress, the Executive Branch, tribal governments, and the state legislatures. With expansive knowledge and connections within the policy influence circles of trade associations, think tanks, advocacy coalitions, and a firm understanding of lobbying industry, MRGB is able to bring this network to bear for our clients. While most advocacy firms focus on maintaining status quo, MRGB works to address the issue and change the direction to the client’s instruction. In doing so, MRGB focuses on creating a “policy window” for the client’s issue that will allow for course change or correction, through a multi-tiered strategy of education, media outreach, advocacy, and business development. 

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Ross Garelick Bell

With expertise in the federal appropriations process Ross has successfully brought additional funds to underfunded programs. His dedication to his client’s interests and understanding of all the parties involved in legislative debate has yielded impacting results.